Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cycle of equality and freedom (an admittedly incomplete thought... part 1)

Equality leads to freedom.
Freedom leads to inequality.
Inequality leads to tyranny.
Tyranny  leads to revolution.
Revolution leads back to equality.

A true equality, with no hierarchy whatsoever, wherein all people are truly equal, will inevitably produce total freedom.  With the lack of hierarchy, nobody has any more or less authority than anybody else, except for as agreed upon by two or more parties.  The only freedoms given up, are given up voluntarily, all other freedoms are held.

Ironically this also gives one the freedom to believe that he is not equal to, but greater than others.  More disturbing; people seem to inevitably end up exercising their freedom to believe that someone is better than all of them.  People inevitably seem to freely give up equality.  Slowly over time their freedoms will be taken away as inequality drifts into tyranny.

Next, the people eventually regret giving up what they did.  Revolution begins.  Old established false senses of superiority are topple, and equality replaces it again.